Josh and Jessica

We’re Jessica and Josh! We would love nothing more than to give our unconditional love to another child and expand our family through the miracle of adoption! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. Even though we do not know you yet, we have a great amount of respect and admiration for you. We know we cannot fully understand what you are going through, but we offer our complete support and prayers to you. We can only try our best to understand the difficulty in the decisions that lie ahead for you.  It is clear that you are making a plan for your child out of nothing but love, courage and selflessness and that you are trying to make the best decision. You’re looking for a wonderful home and future for your child and we’re looking to share our love and lives with another child in our family.  Perhaps we are looking for each other? We hope that by viewing our photos and learning more about us that you will find comfort in knowing how much we want to share our lives with a child, and how much love we have to give.

Our Story

We met for the first time when we were young teenagers (14 years old) at the Jersey Shore!  We were part of 3 families that won a week -long vacation and we lived together at the beach for 10 days  We became the closest of friends.  As we got older, we stayed in contact from time to time, but we both went on to lead separate lives.  We both thought of one another frequently throughout the years, and reconnected many years later.  As adults, we realized almost immediately that the close friendship that we once had was still present and that our love for one another was undeniable.  We are so blessed to have found one another and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Why We Are Choosing Adoption

We both have children from previous marriages, and we are proud to say that we are now beautifully blended into one family.  Since the moment we reconnected, we knew that we wanted to add to what we believe is something amazing!  We think that having loving, fun brothers and a sister are some of the best things that we have to offer a child.

About Josh (Written by Jessica)

Josh is such a caring husband and father.  He is a great listener and his friends and family always look to him for advice.  Josh is thoughtful and supportive, encouraging all of us to pursue anything we want in life.  He is silly, smart, and I can’t imagine a more perfect daddy.

About Jessica (Written by Josh)

I knew from the moment we met that Jessica was everything I ever wanted in a wife.  She is loving, kind, and silly all at the same time.  Jessica is an incredible mother.  She is nurturing and understanding.  Her whole life has been spent loving and caring for children, as a nanny, coach, teacher and mother.  Jessica is loyal and protective of her family and friends.  She is loved by so many.

Our Children

Zackary is the oldest of our 4 children, but only by a few minutes.  Zack loves all sports and participates in football, basketball and lacrosse.  He also enjoys spending time with his friends.  Zack is hard working and extremely determined.  If he commits to something, there is nothing that will get in his way.  Zack can almost always be found practicing his sports or playing outside.  He is very interested in the weather and currently wants to be a meteorologist.

Samantha is Zack’s twin sister.  She is inquisitive, sweet and nurturing.  Sammy is a little mommy, always caring for others.  She is very artistic and creative. Samantha really enjoys reading, art and most especially writing stories.  She has a natural talent for all things creative and wants to be a writer while also working with children when she grows up.

Logan is a ball of energy!  He is inquisitive and very creative.  Logan is very social and makes friends easily.  He is also extremely funny! Logan loves playing on his Lacrosse team and swimming, but his true passions are science and the arts.  He plays the cello and loves to construct things and do experiments.  He wants to be a scientist someday.

Connor is our youngest.  He is a rough and tumble kid but also the most loving little guy.  He loves to do anything his siblings are doing.  Connor loves playing with his friends, playing baseball, swimming and cuddling. He isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but we are confident that whatever path he chooses, he will be amazing and leave a positive mark on the world.

Our Neighborhood

We are lucky to live in an amazing neighborhood with tons of other kids!  You can always find the kids outside playing together, playing sports, blowing bubbles, doing sidewalk chalk, and riding bikes.  We have block parties in the fall and neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts in the spring.  There is a hiking trail and creek right in our development, and we belong to the local YMCA/swim club, which is only 5 minutes away.

More than anything, we want you to know that we will all love your child unconditionally.  We will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, support and joy that we have to offer.  We want your child to always know where he or she came from.  You will always be a part of his or her life, and we plan to raise our children with an understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifices you are making for him or her. This child will be loved beyond words by all of us, our families and friends. He or she will always know the love that you have for him or her as well.  We will be praying for you.  Thanks again for considering us.

Thank you!

Jessica & Josh