Luke and Erin

A few months back we jokingly gave the Pottery Barn Kids catalog to our 2 ½ year old son and asked him to pick out something for his birthday.  His choices: an entire page of backpacks (all of them!), one lunch box, and a baby! “This baby, mommy – this one right here! You will get it for me?” We all laughed, but ironically his timing could not have been more perfect, as we had just completed our home study in preparation for adoption!

About Luke:  Luke is hard working and fun.  Be it in his career or personal life, his dedication and work ethic is immediately apparent.  On top of that he is genuinely a very happy person.  With him there is never a dull moment! Luke’s sense of humor and energy are contagious to all who meet him!

About Erin:  Erin is a smart, caring, and a genuine person.  In both her career and at home Erin seeks out opportunities to make others feel great about themselves.  Spending time with her is infectious, because not only is she a lot of fun, but also because of how thoughtful and caring she is.

Our home and family:  Our home has a special meaning for us.  After purchasing the worst house in a nice neighborhood we spent the next three years going room by room renovating.

Erin’s painting skills, Luke’s engineering skills, and everyone’s patience were put to the test as we turned a rundown house into our home.

The holidays are a time to take a break from our daily routine to spend time with family and friends.  There is always a multi-course meal prepared by Luke, finished with a spread of desserts!  In addition we often play games or invent a silly new tradition for some added fun!

We love hanging together at home with friends and family.  We are always up for trying a new game, crafts, or playing outside.  While Luke is the true chef, Erin loves to bake.

We like to use our vacation time to “get away” and spend time with family.  This might mean organizing a getaway with parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins to Colorado, or visiting Luke’s parents (and their boat) in North Carolina.  It also might just mean turning off cell phones and email and hanging around the house for a week.  Whatever we do, we like to do it together.

Thank You: Thank you so much for opening your heart and taking the time to read about us.  We cannot imagine the range of emotions and difficult decisions a biological mother faces when considering adoption, but we welcome the opportunity to share any additional information that you may find helpful. After nearly 9 years of marriage, we know with confidence this is the time to grow our family and open our hearts to share our love with another baby.  It would be a privilege to raise another child and provide our 3-year-old son with the most precious fit of all, a sibling!  Please do not hesitate to contact Haven Adoptions for additional information.

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Best wishes. Luke, Erin, & Silas