Rich and Christine

Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We can’t imagine what a difficult decision this must be for you, and we truly wish you peace with whatever you decide. We both want the same thing — for your child to be happy, cared for and loved. They will know that YOU love them. We will always speak with love, gratitude and respect about you and the very tough decision that you made for them. We make this promise to you.

This is just a glimpse into our lives as a fun loving family.  We are fortunate to have supportive and loving friends and family. We enjoy spending time together, from parks and the beach to reading books and playing at home. We are financially stable and are grateful for our good fortunes in life. Ella is our miracle child and we thought our chances were slim, but we still tried to have another child. After a few years of trying and help from specialists, it was determined that we can not conceive again. What is really important to us is being parents again. We welcome an additional child to become part of our loving family. Extending our family and making special memories together, that is what is so important to us!

Adoption is such a gift and we can’t tell you how brave and giving it is that you are considering it. You have a choice, a difficult one at that.  We hope that you choose our family to raise your child. If not, thank you for choosing adoption! Good luck to you and embrace all that life has to offer.  God Bless,

Rich and  Christine

Our Love Story

We met on a dating site! Our first date was at an Italian restaurant on a cold and rainy February night…it was Fat Tuesday! For both of us, this night seemed different than all the rest. Initially, we both were nervous but within minutes it seemed like we were long lost friends.  We shared many stories and laughs and really did not want the night to end. Shortly after, we knew that we were in love and right for one another!

Our Wedding

Our wedding day was a rainy one but we made the best of it!  There were so many little mishaps and surprises, but we have many stories to share with our children from that day. Overall, it was a magical day at a magical place, The Please Touch Museum!

Our Home!

In November, 2015 we were fortunate enough to move into our dream home. The house is spacious, with room to grow. There is a baby’s room that we hope to fill soon! There is a dedicated play room, a space to imagine, draw, watch shows and movies, and play instruments and sing. There is a spacious yard for our dog, Maisy, and for kids to run around, play tag and swing on the swing set.

All of our new neighbors have stopped by to say hello and we are building a strong sense of community. It is very scenic, with breathtaking views of the surrounding woods. There is a community swimming pool, tennis courts and a large pond that freezes in the winter for ice skating. In the summer, there is fishing and rock skipping on the water. We really love it here and it is a special place where our new little one will share many memories and call home. One of our reasons for moving was to provide a good education for Ella and our new little one! We live in a top school district, which will provide a foundation for higher education in the future.

Our Dog!

Our furry daughter Maisy is an important part of our family.  She is over 10 years old and is a pure breed Boston Terrier. She is full of energy and love. Maisy and Ella are pals and enjoy spending time together.


Christine was born in Philadelphia, PA but moved to the suburbs (NJ) when she was 10. Christine moved back to the city after college and considers herself a city girl at heart.  Christine is a kind, caring, loving, fun mom to Ella and can’t wait to be a parent again. She loves her work in the healthcare field and feels good about helping others. Christine loves music and dancing and has gotten into running recently. She says she loves how she feels after a good run.  Her favorite food is pickles and she loves vanilla custard with rainbow jimmies at the beach in the summertime.


Rich was born in Wilmington, DE but moved around a lot as a child. Rich is an only child and always envisioned his household with Christine being full of children. Rich is a patient, caring and funny Dad to Ella. They love watching movies together and going to the park. He can’t wait to have another child and experience being a parent all over again.  Rich works  in the marketing and promotional field and is happy that his job is so close to Ella’s daycare so he can see her during the day. Rich enjoy almost all sports, history and keeping up on the latest technology trends.  His  favorite food is either BBQ or great seafood.


Ella was born on October 21, 2011…3 weeks early.  She was full of life in my belly, always kicking and moving – just like she is today! Ella is the kindest and friendliest girl we know and has brought so much happiness and joy to our lives. She LOVES to dance, play music, tumbling class, eat ice cream (her favorite is chocolate), spend time with Granny and Pop Pop and meet new friends.  She loves to sing and dance and has weekly performances. She will stand on top of a chair and sing her “own” song. At the end, she claps for herself and takes a bow…what a show stopper! She enjoys Spiderman and Superman and her latest craze is Raphael the Ninja turtle. Someday, she will make a wonderful BIG sister! She is constantly telling us that she wants “a baby in the house”. We want her to experience the bond of friendship and love…the bond of a sibling.

We are an active family.  We like to do many things, such as go to the beach, visit Sesame Place to see the characters, and ride the rides in Ocean City, NJ.

We LOVE sports…..especially football.  We have season tickets to the Rutgers University games (Piscataway, NJ)….Rich’s Alma Matter.

We promise to: Be honest and kind when telling the story of how both of our children came to our family. Always kiss them goodnight and tell them bedtime stories. Say I love you and shower them with hugs and kisses. Instill manners such as please and thank you, make sure they respect others and themselves and grow up to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Celebrate the holidays and other important days with tradition, family and friends. Provide a stable and welcoming home with much room to grow and learn!

At the end of the day, we just want to be parents again. We love it so much! We enjoy the stages from sitting up to running around, from learning to babble to forming sentences. We love seeing life through a bright and shiny lens…the eyes of a child. We hope that you choose our family, but if not, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing adoption.

With love, Christine, Rich and Ella