A Birth Mother’s Strength

When I watch a beautiful and courageous birthmother make the loving and selfless choice of adoption and watch her both confidently and tearfully say goodbye to this little angel she gave life to, my heart aches and it makes our job so raw and so real.

This wasn’t a birthmother we worked with for any period of time before the birth of the child.  We received the call to help out after the baby was born.  So our support team came to Temple Hospital to do the best we could to support her through this impossible decision.  D didn’t waiver at all in the decision she knew was best for her child.  But that didn’t make her decision any easier.  She cried, broke down and got back up.  But she never wavered.   She held firm in her decision with what she thought was best.  What we can focus on now is what we can do to help her life get in the direction she wants it go. She is amazing, as all of our birthmothers are, and we are grateful to be a part of her story.  A beautiful adoptive family and a beautiful and courageous birthmother.

About the Author

Kelly Weidner is a co-founder of Haven Adoptions, Inc., and is a a well respected advocate in the adoption community. In that time, she has lead Haven Adoptions in connecting countless children with loving homes. Kelly is a member of the National Association for Professional Women, on the Executive Committee of the Our Lady of Mercy Board of Jurisdiction and lives in Ambler, PA with her three children.
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