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Your Complete Guide to Open Adoption

Open adoption plans are very flexible and can be designed for the level of relationship that makes the birth mother most comfortable. In this guide, we will cover many aspects of open adoption that birth mothers and adoptive families will consider during adoption planning.

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What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Adoption?

Open adoption and closed adoptions are very common, but both come with their share of details. Knowing the difference between these options available to birth families and adoptive families can create a relationship that works well for everyone.

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Can a Child be Adopted without the Consent of Both Parents? The Ultimate Explainer

Can you place a child for adoption without the father's consent? We explain all the details to this complicated question.

Young mother holding infant son.

What to Know Before Making an Adoption Plan for Your Child

Before you make the decision to place your child for adoption, you may have many questions about the process. After many years of facilitating adoptions, we have a few facts birth mothers like to know before choosing adoption for their baby.

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The Ultimate Guide to Adoption Home Study in Pennsylvania

One of the phrases that people find most intimidating during their research is “home study.” While the adoption home study process looks very daunting at first glance, this guide will help prepare you for what's to come.

Adopting a toddler

What to Know When Adopting a Toddler

As you consider adopting a toddler into your family, we invite you to begin by learning more about how toddler adoption is different from infant adoption, how to get started in the adoption process, and how to prepare your child for the transition.

Obtaining a birth certificate after adoption

Obtaining a Birth Certificate and Social Security Number for your Adopted Child

Your adopted child’s new birth certificate and Social Security Number are key records that will need to be produced throughout their life. This guide will explain the process for obtaining a new birth certificate and social security number for your adopted child.

Thinking About Adoption? Start the Process with These Steps

Everyone comes to choose adoption for different reasons, but one common thread amongst all new clients is the anxiety around entering into something so new and unknown.

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Finding the Right Adoption Path for You

When the word adoption comes to mind, many people’s initial thought is a newborn, and that is surely a common way of building a family through adoption. Though newborns are common, there are many other paths to adoption as well.

Adoption and The Nursery: How preparing our nursery helped me be hopeful, be expectant and be ready

If you ask any prospective adoptive parent what the hardest part of the adoption journey is for them, many times you’ll hear the same answer: the wait. By the time a family has decided to pursue adoption, they’ve already been waiting for years to build their family.