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Thinking About Adoption? Start the Process with These Steps

Everyone comes to choose adoption for different reasons, but one common thread amongst all new clients is the anxiety around entering into something so new and unknown.

Adopted child

Finding the Right Adoption Path for You

When the word adoption comes to mind, many people’s initial thought is a newborn, and that is surely a common way of building a family through adoption. Though newborns are common, there are many other paths to adoption as well.

Adoption and The Nursery: How preparing our nursery helped me be hopeful, be expectant and be ready

If you ask any prospective adoptive parent what the hardest part of the adoption journey is for them, many times you’ll hear the same answer: the wait. By the time a family has decided to pursue adoption, they’ve already been waiting for years to build their family.

How Opioid Use Affects Haven Foster Care

It is impossible to read the news, listen to the radio or be online without hearing a story about a family impacted by the opioid epidemic. At Haven, some of the women and men that we work with everyday through our foster care and adoption programs are currently struggling with addiction.

My Testimony – A Birth Mother’s Story

My name is Yanice. I am a single mother. I have a wonderful little girl who has blessed my life in so many ways. After foolish actions on my behalf, I found out I pregnant again. I was sick and had so much on my plate as it was. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't care for both.


Letting Go – A Journey From Infertility to Adoption

Adoption, for me, has been a lesson in letting go.

The letting go began about a year ago. It was the middle of the night, and I was slumped on my bathroom floor, crying quietly to myself, trying not to wake my husband who was sleeping a few feet away in the next room.


A Courageous Jump: One Woman’s Leap Into Parenting Through Adoption

A few weeks after TJ and I got home from Texas, I was sharing our story to a Physician’s Assistant.   It is a story I love to tell everyone and anyone. I tell family, friends and even strangers all the details of our journey to become a family. What was different about this story telling was the man’s reaction.

Adoption Home Studies- What are Caseworkers really looking for?

After moving to Philadelphia ten years ago, I quickly learned the streets and layout of the city to find the best happy hours, the best chicken wings and the quickest way to the “El”. I know the city well, I know it’s rhythms, traffic patterns, crazy one way streets and how in almost all instances, it’s easier to walk to get to where you are going.


Ritual After Loss

This past year I lost my father, the #1 Dad on the planet. His birthday passed and I found myself at a loss of what to do to mark the day. I felt a desire to “celebrate” him with some kind of tradition, but since we lived 5 hours apart, we didn’t always have birthdays together and therefore we didn’t have a “thing” we always did.


Samantha’s Story

I am writing this today to tell everyone how Deckland became Declan! And our journey with Haven Adoptions.