Mother’s Day 2015

Mother’s Day can be a wonderful, beautiful day, but also a very difficult one. For women struggling with infertility, this day can bring even more focus on how deep and powerful their pain is in longing for a child to make them a mother.  For those mothers who have lost a child, the grief on Mother’s Day is quite possibly unbearable.  For those children who have lost their mother, not having their mother here on earth to celebrate with creates a difficult day to “get through.”

For Birth Mothers who have chosen adoption for their child, our hope is that all adoptive families out there remind them how grateful they are for the choice they made, but it can still be difficult for them to celebrate a day without the children they bore.  For new moms who may be suffering from postpartum depression, it can be a day everyone is celebrating while they sit silently struggling.

We hope that everyone has a sensitivity and understanding that while this can be a beautiful day in celebrating the hardest and most rewarding job out there, it can also be the most difficult one.  Love to all mothers, in whatever capacity you are.

About the Author

Kelly Weidner is a co-founder of Haven Adoptions, Inc., and is a a well respected advocate in the adoption community. In that time, she has lead Haven Adoptions in connecting countless children with loving homes. Kelly is a member of the National Association for Professional Women, on the Executive Committee of the Our Lady of Mercy Board of Jurisdiction and lives in Ambler, PA with her three children.
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