Meet Brian & Guy (Matched)

Location: Pennsylvania

Hello, we are Brian and Guy! We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and our hopes of becoming parents.

Although we are not bodybuilders, we met at the gym in 2012, while taking a spin class (keeping up with the trends). We continued to see each other every week in the same spin class. After a few months of short conversations, we decided to meet outside of class for dinner. From that point on, we became best friends and finally made our relationship official in March of 2013.

Since then, we have traveled the world, made endless memories with family and friends, and purchased a house to make it our home. We live in Philadelphia, where everything is walkable for us. We have always known we have wanted to be parents, so adopting has been a dream of ours. Adopting a child would complete our family and dreams!

More about Brian & Guy (Matched)

Brian’s early years growing up were spent in Philadelphia. Eventually, he made his way over the bridge to New Jersey. Brian enjoyed spending time at his grandparents’ shore home in Cape May County. For his thrill-seeking side, he enjoyed spending time at amusement parks. Brian was active in soccer, basketball, karate, and participated in volunteer clubs throughout high school and college.

Brian finished high school in New Jersey and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing. After that, he obtained his Master’s Degree. Currently working in Pharmaceutical Research, Brian believes there is nothing better than seeing the positive benefits of his company’s efforts and research to help others.


  • Food: Italian
  • Place to visit: Any place with a beach!
  • TV station: Bravo
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Sport: Ice Hockey

Guy grew up in New Jersey. He enjoyed spending time with his grandparents and extended relatives. Every Sunday was spent at Guy’s grandparents’ home, and remain that way today. Guy was involved in baseball, basketball, and the Boy Scouts. Guy was part of many clubs and programs in high school, including theater and sign language club.

Guy received his Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology and completed his Master’s in Social Work. Currently, he is in sales at a retirement community. He finds joy in helping those who need retirement living find a place where they can continue to thrive and enjoy life.


  • Food: Asian
  • Place to visit: Europe
  • Hobby: Decorating
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Sport: Baseball

We love living in Philadelphia. Our house is nestled on a small street in a “community” of condos and townhomes. We have an active and supportive Home Owners Association and have great relationships with our neighbors. Our home area is secured with gates and cameras, making it a safe and comfortable environment.

Our home is spread over two floors of living. We have an open living, dining, and kitchen space where we enjoy cooking. We also enjoy eating dinner together each night at the dining room table. Our lower level consists of a large den, where we spend a lot of time. Our master bedroom is warm and comfortable. We have a beautiful nursery ready for a child. We also share our home with our cats, Leo and Lilly, who are brother and sister. We have had them since 2016.

We are close to great pizza places and delis. Our neighborhood is also home to the top-ranking school district in regards to testing and overall performance of the students. There are small parks and great places to walk and enjoy the outdoors.

We both come from wonderful and loving homes. Most of our family lives close by. Brian is an only child, and Guy has one sister. However, we have quite an extended family!

Our parents are supportive and cannot wait to be grandparents! If they spoil a child half as much as they spoil us, they will be the luckiest kid in the world! Our parents were always involved in our extra-curricular activities and were our coaches, assistants, and biggest cheerleaders. We spend weekends and dinners with our parents and extended family regularly. A child will be constantly surrounded by those who love and support them. Our family can’t wait to be aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our family will always give a child the attention they need.

We have great friends who we share special events and holidays with, as well as traveling. Both of us are godparents to some of our closest friend’s children.

Our hobbies and interests span a wide lens of things! Brian is interested in playing and coaching soccer. He is also committed to remaining healthy and working out. Brian has a passion for traveling and keeping up with new movies. He is also staying relevant with his fashion and quality. Brian has a magnetic personality and a young soul that his friend’s children and his godchild gravitate towards. He knows how to have fun and make everyone around him feel special and included.

Guy is more of an old soul. He can have fun but is more reserved than Brian. Guy enjoys collecting antiques, being crafty and artsy, and loves to decorate. He enjoys cooking and entertaining. We both have a strong passion for giving back to our community and those in need. Instilling the importance of volunteering and giving back is something we will focus on as parents. We want a child to know the positive impact of helping others.