Meet Carrie & Michael (Matched)

Location: Pennsylvania

*This family is currently matched.

First, we want to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about our story. If you do choose us to be parents, just know that your decision will never go forgotten or un-honored. You will forever have a place in our hearts, no matter what, because above all, by making this decision, you are changing the life of this child forever. We assure you that this child will always know how they ended up in the family they did because of your strength, selflessness, courage and your desire to do the best you possibly can for them.

More about Carrie & Michael (Matched)

We met through friends of family and started dating soon thereafter. We instantly clicked and realized how much we had in common. Spending time together and getting to know one another was effortless and fun. It honestly felt as though we already knew each other when we first met. It wasn’t long before we met each other’s families and once that went well, we knew “this was for real.” We dated for about three years before moving into our home together in May 2018. We got engaged on the beach in Florida in January 2020 and have plans to wed in May 2021.

As a couple, we have grown quite a lot over the years. Life has certainly handed us our fair share of challenges but through it all, we have formed an even stronger relationship. We know that with love and support from each other, we can get through anything. We have learned to stand by each other as best friends and as husband and wife. We have always known that we wanted to have a family together. When we found out that Caroline would not be able to carry a child biologically, it didn’t take long for us to think, “maybe this card was dealt to us for a reason.” We strongly believe that what makes a family is not genetics, but rather unconditional love. Now, with the help of your selfless decision, we are so hopeful and grateful to be building our family through adoption.

I am an only child and was brought up by two incredibly loving parents that have been married for almost 30 years now. My father was born in Germany and my mother was born right here in Pennsylvania. She was adopted by my grandfather when she was 2-years-old. Knowing that this incredible act by my grandfather created such a beautiful family truly solidified Michael and I’s belief in the power of unconditional love and the ability to create a strong, beautiful family in a unique way.

I always knew that nursing would be my career path, as both my mother and grandmother are nurses. During college and high school, I was a nanny and babysitter to many children with health issues. I now have my ‘forever job’ as a district-wide School Nurse for Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. I hope to have my own health office in the near future as I become certified in school nursing and pursue my Master’s in Nursing!

Outside of work, I volunteer with the Gift of Life and other transplant agencies, as I myself am a transplant recipient and hope to give back to the field that changed my life. It’s been an honor to work with so many families over the years as it taught me so much about children and the family unit! Now, I am excited to welcome a child to my heart and home and begin my journey through motherhood.

I grew up in a close-knit family with an older sister and two parents who have been married for over 40 years. I started building cars when I was 16 years old. The first one, a small truck that we call “Lucy”, is pretty special to me. The majority of the work on this truck was done by me and my dad, and a few close friends. I learned a lot while building that truck and really got to bond with my dad over the years with this project.

I went to college in rural Pennsylvania for auto body work where I learned the foundations of welding and how to build a car from the ground up. With these skills, I now work as a welder and truly love my job at a local industrial refrigeration company. My work keeps me busy, moving, and learning, which are all important to me. I also have grown very close with the people I work with day to day; I have been at this job for over six years and am very lucky to have found a field that I enjoy working in every day. Now, I get to use my education of building cars in my own garage at home!

We took a lot of time to make this house into a home and spent a lot of long days and late nights building, designing, and renovating. We just finished turning part of our basement into a second living room/playroom. We used chalkboard paint on some of the walls so drawing on the walls is totally acceptable down there! The room was designed with this child in mind. Caroline even re-purposed one of her childhood tables into an art table that matches the colors in the room! We look forward to creating many new memories here.

We live in a great suburb of Philadelphia with a backyard, friendly neighbors and sidewalks lining the streets. We are even right down the street from an elementary school! Our town is considered a “car town”, there are lots of community organized car meets and cruising nights that we love to attend. It is always a family affair with all ages and many generations!

We get to visit Caroline’s parents often; they live right along the Delaware River just 20 minutes away. We love sitting outside on their porch and watching boats cruise past. Spending time outdoors is very important to us. We love that our area allows us to be just a short drive from the river, the beach, the mountains and even the city, All while being close to both sides of our family!

After a Sunday dinner or Friday night campfire, we often think to ourselves how happy we are that our families have blended so well to become one. Hanging out with our family is easily one of our favorite things to do, especially on the weekends when we have free time.


After a Sunday dinner or Friday night campfire, we often think to ourselves how happy we are that our families have blended so well to become one. Hanging out with our family is easily one of our favorite things to do, especially on the weekends when we have free time.

Carrie’s parents live only about 20 minutes away and are an active and supportive part of our life. Carrie’s grandparents live about 20 minutes away as well. Family has always been important to Carrie; she was brought up having Sunday dinners every week with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. We hope to continue this Sunday dinner family tradition as we grow our family.

Michael’s parents live within walking distance of us, and are a very big part of our life. His grandparents also live about 10-15 minutes away from us. They are always up to come over for dinner or a little get together. We are very lucky to have this strong family system to love and support us so close to home.

Our family would not be complete without our fur-baby, Nessie, who is eagerly awaiting to be a big sister! Nessie has been around kids and infants a lot as we have some younger cousins on Caroline’s side of the family and a few friends with young children as well. She is a gentle giant that mainly enjoys cuddles and sunbathing.

Caroline’s Hobbies

I have played guitar for over 15 years and music is a huge part of my life. I prefer tunes over TV any day. After working at a music store, I became interested in building and repairing instruments. Over the years I continued to learn and actually built an electric guitar from the ground up, which was a lot of fun! I love all types of creative outlets such as drawing, painting and even cooking feels creative to me. I also enjoy anything that gets me outside such as, fishing, hiking, gardening, bike riding, and stargazing.

Michael’s Hobbies

Building cars is my greatest passion and favorite pastime. Recently, I built a 1930 Model A and I am building another 1929-1930 hot rod for Caroline. We live in a “car town” so going into town for cruising nights and car shows is definitely my favorite activity during the summer and fall months. When I’m not building cars, I enjoy fishing and hunting with my Dad and Pop-Pop and spending time in the garage with Caroline.

Our Hobbies and Adventures

Together, we enjoy hiking, going for walks in the neighborhood with Nessie and finding adventures in our day to day activities. We love fishing on the Delaware River, going for a cruise, or simply having a campfire in the backyard!

We explore and travel when we can, some of our favorite places include:

·  The Florida Keys (where we got engaged)

·  Sedona, AZ (where we took our first plane ride together!)

·  Portland, ME (the food, the scenery… AMAZING)