Meet Francis & Corey

Location: Pennsylvania

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We hope the information you find in this profile will becalm any worries you have as the child’s mother. We can’t say we can relate to all the emotions you’re going through right now, but we can relate to some, being on this journey again. Writing this letter to you, not even knowing who you are, is probably one of the hardest things we would ever write. But we are thrilled and excited to start this journey with you.

If given the chance, we will fulfill any hopes you may be wanting for your child. We will make sure to provide them with days full of laughter, years full of happiness, and a life full of love. The gift you could give us is the greatest, most selfless gift anyone could ask for.

Thank you again for reading a little about us. If given the opportunity, we look forward to getting to know a little about you.

More about Francis & Corey

Hello! We are Frank and Corey.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better!

We met back in 2011 through an online dating site. Although we were both nervous at first, after meeting and spending more time together, we knew we were meant for each other.

It was always our dream to get married and have children. We just happened to do those two things in a different order. In 2018, we welcomed our son Liam. A year after that, we were married.

We always imagined having a bigger, traditional wedding, on a beach somewhere. But that was not how it happened. It was just the three of us, in the courthouse on the day we got married. It was perfect!

We are hoping to grow our family now and welcome a brother or sister to grow up with our son.

I was born and raised in the suburbs about an hour northwest of Philadelphia. I am an only child; however I have a massive family consisting of aunts, uncles and cousins. My extended family is very close, and I grew up with my cousins who I am still close with today. My favorite vacations are ones where several of our family members can go at the same time. Some of my favorite memories came from these vacations.

I went to a small Catholic university where I met several of my close friends. I graduated with a degree in business administration. From there I entered commercial construction management. I have been in this career ever since. It has been very rewarding to be a part of building many of the buildings constructed in Philadelphia. No day is the same and there is always something new to learn about. My favorite projects are restorations of older buildings. I feels as though I am touching history and working on something that will be here long after I am gone.

Favorite Singer: Jimmy Buffett

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite Hobbies: I love to golf when I can. I really hope Liam enjoys the game so I have more of an excuse to play more.

Favorite Vacation: Traveling to any beach for vacation is what I look forward to most every year. The beach is my happy place.

Favorite Food: Pizza

I am the middle child of three, and was raised by a hard-working and supportive single mother. My mom has always been the reason I wanted to be a father, so I can give a child all the things I missed out on growing up without a father figure.

As a kid, I was always in the kitchen helping my mom cook and bake. Once I was able to do things on my own, my mom would always ask me to bake something for a friend’s birthday. As I got older, I didn’t want to stop doing what I loved. So it is now a hobby and my favorite thing to do when I need to de-stress. I love finding recipes and pictures on Pinterest and social media, and trying to re-create them on my own.

Aside from baking, I also enjoy decorating and party planning. Some may say I like to go “Over the Top” but it brings me joy to make someone’s day or event special. And now that we have Liam, I get so much joy doing these things for him.

I spend my days working in Customer Service for an amazing Toy Company. Everyday is like walking in to the happiest place on earth!

Favorite Singer: Carrie Underwood

Favorite TV Shows: Schitts Creek, anything on HGTV or Food Network

Favorite Hobbies: Baking, being outside, and trying different foods and restaurants

Favorite Vacation Spot: Punta Cana

Favorite Food: Chinese food

Our son Liam couldn’t be more excited to have a brother or sister. Sweet, caring, and friendly, Liam always says “Hi” and waves to people wherever we are. He loves to make people laugh, and making silly faces. Liam loves music and dancing, he especially enjoys showing off his dance moves.


Our son Liam couldn’t be more excited to have a brother or sister. Sweet, caring, and friendly, Liam always says, “Hi” and waves to people wherever we are. He loves to make people laugh, and making silly faces. Liam loves music and dancing, he especially enjoys showing off his dance moves.

Liam loves being outside, running around the yard with the dogs, or sitting on the sidewalk drawing with chalk. In the summer, he enjoys swimming and being at the beach.

He amazes us every day with how smart he is, forming complete sentences and learning new phrases. We are constantly asking ourselves where he learns things! We know he will be the best big brother anyone could ask for.

We recently moved to our new home! After we had Liam, we knew we wanted to be in a family-friendly area with a great school district. Our new home is a four-bedroom Colonial-style house in a beautiful neighborhood located just behind one of Frank’s favorite golf courses.

We fell in love with this house the first time we saw it. After completing a huge makeover project in our previous home, we were glad that our new home didn’t need many updates. We wanted this transition to be easy for Liam and our two dogs. After just a few weeks of changes, we made this house our own.

We painted every room in the house to match our styles, replaced the old carpeting with something more comfortable and pet-friendly, and replaced some older windows so the sun could always shine through.

We have a big backyard, not only so the dogs have space to play, but for Liam as well. We plan to get a big swing set before next spring, and maybe add a pool some time in the future.

Our neighborhood is filled with other families with kids, all of whom are very nice. It’s the type of neighborhood where everyone waves and smiles as you drive by. We are located just a few minutes away from one of our favorite little towns, filled with small shops and restaurants. We always try to find fun and exciting activities to do on the weekends, whether it’s shopping, checking out one of the local zoo’s, or just getting ice cream with family.

To us, family plays a big role in living a happy life. We consider many people in our lives as family, those who are blood-related, friends and people we see on a daily basis. Corey is the middle child of three and has a niece and two nephews. And although Frank is an only child, his cousins took the place of siblings when they were growing up. We love spending as much time as we can with our families, going on backyard camping trips, taking vacations together, or just going to get ice cream.

Besides seeing most of our families at birthday parties and picnics throughout the year, we always take turns hosting major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. During the holidays, everyone travels from all around so we can be together and celebrate as a family.