Meet Jackie and Brian

Location: Pennsylvania

Hello, we are Jackie and Brian! Thank you for choosing to hear our story and learning more about us as prospective parents. We have a beautiful life and so much love to give. We cannot wait to welcome another child into our home through adoption.

More about Jackie and Brian

We met shortly after college and became great friends. We started dating several years later and built our relationship off of a beautiful friendship. Our love blossomed for over two years before we got engaged and married in 2010.

Shortly after being married, we had two beautiful children – Logan and Charlotte. Charlotte was born with cancer and we made an amazing team as we cared for her for three and a half years before she passed away. Many couples don’t make it through such a great loss, but it made us not only stronger people but a stronger couple.

We have a beautiful life and so much love to give. We cannot wait to welcome another child into our home through adoption.

We live in a beautiful home that was flipped and move-in ready in 2015. We love and use both floors of the home, especially the big playroom downstairs! We have a wonderful back patio and spacious backyard. We spend lots of time outside and Logan enjoys our playset!

Moving into a neighborhood with so many kids was a dream come true for us! We love having a safe neighborhood packed with kids and local parks nearby. Our neighborhood is close-knit and we get together often – we even all sit together every day at the local YMCA pool! Everyone from the neighborhood is so loving and supportive.

The best part of living in our community, besides living close to family, is the small-town feel. We enjoy living in a college town, especially since it’s Jackie’s alma-mater! Logan loves to walk the campus and visit the statue of the school mascot.

I would describe myself as kind, friendly, and outgoing. I am a true extrovert and a dog lover at heart! My passion is health, wellness and education. I love to learn and I am currently working on my second Master’s degree.

I teach health at the high school level and I am entering my 17thyear! Teaching is my passion and the most rewarding job on earth. I take great pride in what I do, and I love being a positive role model for teenagers.

I love to exercise, eat healthy and dance – it’s good for the soul. I am a compassionate woman and I believe in the power of positivity. I enjoy being outside. An active lifestyle is very important to me. I also love to spend quality time with my family and friends.

Jackie is not only an incredible wife but an amazing, resilient mother. Having gone through some tremendously difficult times, culminating in the loss of our daughter Charlotte, Jackie has learned a lot about what it means to truly love. She is the foundation of our family and is the one that our son, Logan, goes to anytime he’s feeling down or needs some reassurance. Jackie truly radiates positivity and brings so much joy into our lives.” – Brian 

I would describe myself as a hard-working, friendly, and caring person. I love to be around family and friends. It’s so important to me to spend time with those you love and to have fun! I enjoy having barbecues, going to the local YMCA, attending/coaching Logan’s sporting activities, playing golf and going to the beach.

After high school, I attended the University of Delaware where I played lacrosse. I am a proud Fightin’ Blue Hen! Professionally, I have been in sales for my whole career. It’s been a wonderful journey, albeit, a very hard one.

In my free time, I love being outside. I am always doing something outdoors whether it be playing with Logan, working in the yard, listening to music on our patio, or enjoying time with friends and family.

“Brian is an incredible husband and father. He shows Logan and I unconditional love and took amazing care of our daughter Charlotte. He is a true role model to Logan and my best friend.” – Jackie

Logan is such a kind little boy and a dog lover! He has a huge heart and he is a good friend to his peers. Logan enjoys playing sports and spending time with friends. He plays soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. He also likes to play outside with neighbors and ride his bike. Logan loves to go to the local YMCA with mom and loves going to the pool all summer. He always looks forward to visiting the beach and has been going to his grandparent’s beach house since he was born. He loves the ocean, building sandcastles and boogie boarding! Logan was the best big brother to Charlotte and he prays every night to be blessed with another sibling.


On October 17, 2011, Jackie gave birth to our second child, Charlotte, who we called Charley. She was the kindest little girl we’ve ever met. Charley was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease at two-months-old and brain cancer at three-months-old. She was so brave through surgery, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplants. She was cancer-free for a few years, but became very ill and developed lung disease. Our beautiful Charley earned her wings and left us at the early age of 3 ½.

We love to go to our family beach house in Fenwick Island, DE! It is one of our favorite places where we swim at the pool, go to the beach, ride bikes, go to the boardwalk, and get ice cream together. We go often in the summer and in the offseason too!

We try to be healthy, active and spend time outside. Jackie and Brian both played sports when they were younger and they love being involved in Logan’s sports too! Jackie coaches Logan’s soccer team and Brian coaches Logan’s basketball and lacrosse teams.

We also love spending time with our friends and family. We live in an amazing neighborhood and spend a lot of time with neighbors. We also enjoy going to amusement parks and exploring nature trails.

We are so blessed with amazing friends and family. Brian’s parents live close by and are the best grandparents ever. They are present in Logan’s life and we spend so much time together. They show up for every game and are so loving and supportive. Jackie’s dad lives in Florida, but we keep in touch. We get to see him at least twice a year.

We have amazing friends from every stage of life. Jackie is still best friends with her childhood friend that she met when she was two! They grew up together, were college roommates, and were in each other’s weddings! She also has great friends from high school, college, and many more that she met after college. Brian is lucky to still remain friends with his childhood friends. It’s rare to find a group that has stayed together through thick and thin for over thirty years. We are all close and get together a few times a year with all of our children.