Meet Joe & Caroline

Location: Pennsylvania

Hi, we’re Joe (Jay) and Caroline! Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We’re fun, warm, and loving people. While we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves, we also want you to know that nothing will be more important to both of us than the happiness of the child that comes into our home.

While we truly believe that we were meant to be parents, we haven’t been able to have biological children. We have found peace in realizing that adoption is the way that we are meant to grow our family. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our home and share with them all the love we have in our hearts.

More about Joe & Caroline

We met in 2008, while both working as lawyers for the city of Philadelphia. We represented victims of crime. Both of us really enjoyed working with people from different backgrounds and neighborhoods.  The job was stressful but we felt like we were serving people and doing something important and good, so the long hours didn’t bother us.

Even though we now have different jobs in the suburbs, we have really nice memories of the place we met. We had a lot of fun in Philadelphia, where we lived until a year and a half ago.  We got engaged on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. In December of 2010, we were married at the Basilica of the Assumption, a beautiful cathedral, in Baltimore. It was a celebration of family, faith, and love.

Caroline, who was an only child, grew up in Minnesota surrounded by her cousins, who were like siblings to her. Her parents, who love her dearly, taught her the value and importance of family. More than anything else, she loves her family, and now by extension, my family.

Even though Caroline eventually moved to Baltimore, she remains very close to each of her cousins today. She was an athlete (high school varsity basketball player) and a hard-working student. She also loves all kinds of books. (I’ll bet she has read every single night since she was a kid.)

Caroline will be a natural as a mother.  She is wonderful with children; gentle, kind, and fun. She is faithful and devoted to her family. Her love is boundless and unconditional.  Caroline knows that no one is perfect, and she never gives up. She is forgiving.

While Caroline has faced some challenges in her life, she is successful because of her humility and determination. She will be a fierce advocate and protector of any baby placed in her care. Most importantly, she will love her adopted child without limit.

On the 4th of July in 2008, I remember thinking to myself, “I found him.” Jay and I had started dating about a month before, and I knew then that he was the best combination of the “life of the party” and the person I wanted by my side through the good and the bad.

Above all, Jay is dedicated to his family and puts the needs of his family and friends before his own. I first knew Jay as a dedicated advocate for victims of abuse, many of whom were at their most vulnerable when they met him. I quickly learned that he is someone who seeks to care for his family, friends, and even strangers who are in need. In that way, he is incredibly special.

While Jay is incredibly thoughtful, he also constantly urges people to have fun, and you can count on him to turn a normal day into an adventure. I see previews of Jay as a dad when he is with our 29 nieces and nephews, and I cannot wait to see the love and laughter he shares with any children who join our family.

Key Things to Know About Jay:

  • Absolutely loves music and knows just what to play in every scenario
  • Has great pride for his Irish and Polish heritage, and loves Irish writers in particular
  • Loves finding great restaurants in every city, especially those that are hidden treasures

When we first saw our house, we immediately envisioned our family and friends coming here to celebrate holidays, watch Eagles games, and barbecue in the backyard.

Our house, in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, is in an amazing neighborhood, filled with children of all ages. We are within walking distance of an elementary school and playground, and a network of hiking trails that we love to use when the weather is nice. On summer evenings, we often take a walk to watch the millions of fireflies light up a field down the street.

We bought our house knowing that we would grow our family here. It has four bedrooms, a large family room, and a finished basement.  Like many families, we tend to congregate in the kitchen, where we often listen to music while we cook with vegetables from our garden.

Recently, we decorated our finished basement with treasures from a family cabin in the Poconos that Jay’s family used to have. The basement is a great space for watching movies, playing board games, and working out. It is also the perfect spot for a playroom, and we can’t wait for a little one to take over the space!

Our families mean everything to us, and they came together seamlessly when we got married. We celebrate each other, and our family traditions, with love and faith. Whether it’s the annual Easter egg hunt, where every child in the family (and some adults!) search for eggs and enter an egg decorating contest, or the family Fourth of July parade in Beach Haven, NJ, you will always find us laughing together.  We love being together.

Our family is beyond excited about welcoming another baby into the family and, like us, they recognize the courage it takes to place a child with adoptive parents.  Like every other child in our family (29 nieces and nephews!), this new addition will become the focus of every holiday celebration and family gathering. For example, we celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas each year, where we recognize each child for his or her accomplishments. The children also reenact the “No Room at the Inn” story on Christmas Eve, and we spend Christmas dinner trying to outdo one another by delivering toasts, both silly and serious.

At the end of the day, when you walk into a room and greet our family, you immediately feel a hum of excitement and the love of those around you. We all agree that the best times are when we are all together.