Meet Mike & Cait

Location: Philadelphia, PA

We have been trying for several years to start our family. We tried fertility treatments for some time, but they really took a toll on us both physically and emotionally. We have also considered adoption for quite awhile, and have now decided to focus solely on growing our family this way. We are so excited to become parents and look forward to sharing our love with a child!

More about Mike & Cait

Mike is kind, caring, and one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. He is consumed with tending to his immediate surroundings, which on our farm include trees, plants, dirt piles (for work), and animals. He will really make such a great dad one day, as he is so naturally nurturing!

I often find Mike reading books and articles, writing, and wishing he had more reasons to ride his bicycle. Mike loves every opportunity he gets to ride his bicycle, now that it’s not his main form of transportation in the country. A stroll never goes by that he isn’t telling me about the trees and plants that we encounter, and sharing ideas about plants that we could grow.

Mike is snuggly, he’s very creative in the kitchen, and he often plays the guitar. My favorite is when Mike plays songs his father used to play for him when he was younger. I know is going to be a great dad and I can’t wait to see him in that role.

Cait’s attention to design, detail, and charm keep my life with her exciting. I love the colors and warmth she has put into our home and our life. I am so confident in the personal flare she will put into parenting, and cannot wait to experience this next step with her.

It’s not uncommon to find Cait working on various projects in her journal throughout the day. She’s a really fantastic artist! It is a joy to see someone be so dynamic about journaling. I know journaling and art are activities she looks forward to sharing with a child one day.

I love watching Cait sing and dance to her favorite music. She is a lover of independent punk and pop music. When she isn’t singing and dancing to music, she can also be found behind our piano playing her favorites. Some of my favorite times with Cait are when Cait is singing and playing the piano, and I get to sing backup!

I am a big fan of Cait’s cooking. Our kitchen is always overflowing with fresh fruits and cheeses to snack on and add to our meals. I am looking forward to having family meals featuring Cait’s amazing chili or roast.

We live and work on our family’s farm, where we create soil and compost. Cait’s dad owns a tree company and we both work for him. Mike is the compost facility operator, and Cait is our office manager.

We love our little house. It’s an old stone house built in 1865. It has two bedrooms, an awesome front porch, and endless space to explore outside. All of our beautiful flowers and trees are thanks to Mike, who loves to cultivate native plants. There is tons of space to explore and animals to care for here on the farm. We have chickens, ducks, turkeys and one goat. We also have horse neighbors that we get to see every day.

Though our home has a rural feel, we are really on the edge of the suburbs, and only a ten minute drive from a suburban town. We are excited to raise our family here and have a child experience everything the farm has to offer.

Mike and his sister were raised by their father. Their mother lived in another state, and they didn’t get to see her much. Mike and his sister were very close with their father up until his death in 2005. Additionally, they were very close to their relatives on their father’s side of the family.

While Mike’s sister, Lisa, lives further away in Virginia, they continue to have a close bond. Lisa is really looking forward to adding the title “aunt” to her name. She cannot wait to see us more often when she has a niece or nephew!

Mike has a great relationship with his Aunt Liz and Uncle Vince, in addition to his cousins. Growing up, Mike was very close to his cousins, often getting together for playdates and family gatherings. As adults they continue to see each other often, as they live close by. They still have family get togethers and go to frequent weddings. They too are excited about our journey to grow our family through adoption.

We interact with Cait’s parents on a daily basis, as we live so close and work on the farm together. They are a huge part of our life. Cait’s dad, Pogo, is usually on the farm, gardening, building things, and playing with his border collie, Phoebe. Cait’s mom, Lucinda, is very close with both of us and is so excited to become a grandmother.

Cait and her sister, Normandy, share a close bond. Normandy has always had a love of literature and made that her career when she became an English Professor. To exercise her creative side, Cait’s sister also does side projects in playwriting, and costume design. While Normandy resides in New York City with her husband, the rest of Cait’s family lives locally in Maryland.

We see Cait’s extended family for annual beach vacations and on all holidays, including Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and all birthday celebrations. This child will be the first grandchild on Cait’s side of the family, so everyone is very excited for us. Cait has many cousins with young children. We feel so lucky to have them close by because a child will always have family to play with.