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Why Haven Adoptions?

As a trusted provider of Lackawanna County adoption services, Haven Adoptions partners with adoptive parents and birth mothers to achieve the best possible experience. Our reputation is built on our personalized approach to every adoption.

Adoption Services Available in Lackawanna County, PA

Adoption is one of the biggest decisions a person or family can make. Whether placing a child for adoption, or deciding to adopt, it’s important to do your due diligence on adoption agencies near Lackawanna County.

Haven Adoptions serves birth mothers and adoptive parents in all areas of Lackawanna County, including Scranton, Clarks Summit, Dalton, Dickson City, and the surrounding region. Our personalized approach to every adoption is what sets us apart as an agency that treats each client with compassion and kindness.

Our caseworkers meet birth mothers right where they are with empathy and a listening ear. We focus on education so that birth moms are empowered to make the best decision for themselves and their baby. Though the decision to place a child for adoption is complex, it does not have to be overwhelming. When the right support is in place, birth moms feel confident and a sense of peace about their adoption.

We also focus on education for adoptive parents. There is so much to consider when starting the adoption process, and many prospective parents struggle to sift through all of the information. We are experts at breaking everything down into small bites so that adoptive families can get started on the home study and move through to finalization.


Why Haven Adoptions?

Adoption is often an intense process, which is why Haven Adoptions focuses on building a relationship with each client. As a fully licensed adoption agency in Pennsylvania, we have the experience to address each component and explain it to our birth parents and adoptive parents. We find that the better informed our clients are, the smoother their adoptions will go.

Haven Adoptions is a Lackawanna County adoption agency that prioritizes compassionate communication and support for every client. We understand that most of our clients are brand new to the adoption process, and they are relying on us to guide them through each step. We treat each birth mother and adoptive parent with kindness and empathy so that they are encouraged with hope during their adoption.


Adoption Services Available to Lackawanna County

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption for your child, the caseworkers at Haven Adoptions are always available to support you. We will help you learn everything you want to know about adoption, your rights, and your various options so that you are empowered to move forward in the way that is truly best for you and your baby.

If you are an adoptive family who is excited to bring a new child into your home, Haven Adoptions will come alongside you every step of the way. Many adoptive parents come to us nervous, heartbroken, vulnerable, and uncertain of what is possible. We are here to instill a sense of hope that you will bring your baby home.

We offer a comprehensive list of services to birth parents and adoptive parents. Though every situation is customized, this framework allows us to build from our solid foundation of experience in the adoption process.


Lackawanna County Adoption Services for Adoptive Parents:

  • Home study explanation, processing, and approval
  • Open and closed adoption with customized contact plans
  • Domestic adoption in Pennsylvania and anywhere in the United States
  • Coordination of legal services, interstate placement, and consents
  • Hospital and post placement services
  • Adoption from foster care and adoption of older children
  • Parent support groups and counseling


Lackawanna County Adoption Services for Birth Mothers:

  • Confidentiality protection and personal advocacy
  • Available for service 24/7 by text or phone
  • Counseling and peer to peer support
  • Open and closed adoption plans
  • Adoption plans post birth and for older children
  • Financial assistance with housing and medical care as allowed by law
  • Education about adoption, your rights, and your options
  • Prenatal and hospital support
  • Coordination of legal services and interstate adoptions

Though you may come to the adoption process unsure of what is most important to you, we will take the time to listen to your full story and help you chart out your plan. Over time, you will determine your adoption priorities, and we will help you achieve them to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

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