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Why Haven Adoptions?

Birth mothers and prospective parents who are exploring Lehigh County adoption services will appreciate the personalized attention and planning resources provided by Haven Adoptions.

Adoption Services Available in Lehigh County, PA

Adoption is a deeply personal decision for birth parents and adoptive parents alike. Both pregnant women who are considering adoption and prospective parents who are seeking a trustworthy adoption agency in Lehigh County are invited to learn more about adoption services at Haven Adoptions.

In Lehigh County and the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, it is important for adoptive parents to work with a licensed adoption agency that provides guidance and valuable insight into the home study process. It is equally essential that pregnant women who wish to place their baby for adoption work with an agency who will counsel them through the entire process and beyond to ensure their own and their baby’s well-being.

Haven Adoptions — Serving Lehigh County

Haven Adoptions has a long-standing exceptional reputation for adoption services because we strive to provide each biological mother and adoptive parent with the highest level of personal care throughout the plan and process.

Adoptive families and birth mothers in Lehigh County, Allentown, and the Greater Lehigh Valley rely on our fully licensed Pennsylvania adoption agency to put their needs first. Our skillful and experienced caseworkers treat each party with compassion and individual attention to make sure everyone understands what to expect before, during, and after the adoption is complete.

Adoption Services Available to Lehigh County

Whether you are thinking about making an adoption plan for your pregnancy, or you are interested in becoming an adoptive family in Lehigh County, Haven Adoptions would be honored to guide you through your journey.

As a fully licensed adoption agency in Pennsylvania, we offer a multitude of services for birth parents and adoptive parents. What sets us apart is our personalized service approach to offer the best support and options to every expecting mother and adoptive parent.

Services for Adoptive Parents in Lehigh County:

  • Domestic infant adoption and older child adoption in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the United States.
  • Open or closed adoptions
  • Home study processing and approval
  • Personal case management
  • Adoption education for potential adoptive parents
  • Coordination of planned adoption
  • Personalized matching between biological parents and adoptive parents
  • Coordination of legal services, interstate compacts, and consent forms
  • Hospital support
  • Adoptive parent support groups and counseling
  • Post placement services

Haven Adoptions works with adoptive parents of all types without discrimination. We match children to adoptive parents irrespective of religion, marital status, or sexuality, and we work with families who already have biological or adopted children. Adoptive parents and any other adults living in the home must satisfy all of the legal background checks and clearances in the home study in order to be approved for placement.

Services for Birth Mothers in Lehigh County:

  • Education about your rights, options, and how adoption works
  • Talk or text with someone for services 24/7
  • Post-birth adoption planning
  • Open or closed adoptions
  • Personal caseworker and confidentiality
  • Financial assistance with housing and medical care as permitted by law
  • Counseling and peer to peer support
  • Pregnancy services
  • Coordination of legal services, interstate adoption, and consent forms
  • Hospital support and post-adoption support

Haven Adoptions holds the emotional and physical health of biological mothers as our highest priority. We walk through the adoption journey personally with each birth mom and support her through every question and decision. Birth moms are never coerced into any decision or situation, but rather informed and educated so that they can carefully consider every option and choose the path that fits their needs and goals.

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