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Why Haven Adoptions?

Haven Adoptions works closely with expecting mothers and prospective parents looking for Luzerne County adoption services. We have built our reputation on matching each birth mother and child with the perfect adoptive family.

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Anyone who is researching adoption agencies near Luzerne County has already made many thoughtful decisions, and this is still just the beginning of the journey. Whether you are pregnant and thinking about placing your child for adoption, or you are someone who wants to parent an adopted child, Haven Adoptions would like to support you through the next steps.

Haven Adoptions serves all of Luzerne County, including Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, White Haven, Pittston, and the surrounding region. We prioritize every client – birth parents and adoptive parents – equally to ensure that they experience the best possible outcomes of a finalized adoption.

We assist birth moms with comprehensive adoption plans that are based on a foundation of education and empowerment so that they can make their final decisions about adoption, and their child’s adoptive family, with confidence.

We partner with adoptive parents to help them understand the financial and emotional aspects of adoption, complete a successful home study, and prepare to welcome a new child into their family.


Why Haven Adoptions?

Every adoption is a huge life decision that is unique to the people involved. As with any major life event, there may be surprises and obstacles along the way. Haven Adoptions is a fully licensed agency in Pennsylvania, which means that we are prepared to handle the different issues that come up during an adoption. We are experts in all the technical aspects of adoption, and we also keep our clients informed with thorough explanations and contingencies.

Everything about your adoption is personal to you, so it is personal to us. We care for birth parents and prospective parents with the utmost compassion and empathy for their wellbeing. Haven Adoptions is a Luzerne County adoption service that makes sure every client feels valued at every step of the process, especially when we are facing challenges and determining the best solutions. We have built our reputation on our personalized approach to every client.


Adoption Services Available to Luzerne County

We put the needs of our clients first. Biological parents and adoptive parents recognize that Haven Adoptions prioritizes the best interests of everyone involved so that their individual adoption experience is one they will remember well. When searching available adoption services near Luzerne County, keep in mind that the agency you work with will be part of your life story. It is absolutely essential to consider how your agency will fit into that story before you choose your agency.

Your individual priorities for adoption services are based on your personality, values, life circumstances, and other factors that only you know. Carefully consider what is most important to you in your adoption, and make sure that your Luzerne County adoption agency can meet those needs.

Several of our services are listed below. Please review our birth parents services and adoptive parent services in detail to learn more about how we can help you.


Adoption Services for Birth Moms in Luzerne County, PA:

  • Confidential services available by phone or text 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Personal advocacy and a dedicated caseworker every step of the way
  • Education about your rights and options as well as support for the decisions you make
  • Financial assistance for housing and medical care within legal limits
  • Peer to peer support, counseling, and post placement services
  • Legal assistance and interstate coordination
  • Customized open or closed adoption planning
  • Placement services after the birth of your baby or for an older child


Adoption Services for Adoptive Parents in Luzerne County, PA:

  • Domestic adoption in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the United States
  • Caseworker support every step of the way
  • Adoption education on parenting, financial planning, legal issues, and more
  • Peer group support and counseling services
  • Hospital services coordination and post placement services
  • Home study processing and approval
  • Coordination of legal and interstate services
  • Coordination of adoption from foster care or adoption of older children

While the adoption process has many standard procedures and protocols, it never follows a set formula. Our caseworkers are highly experienced at navigating individuals and families through the path with abundant hope and managed expectations.



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