Take Your First Steps

Adopting a child is an exciting and involved process, one that may bring a lot of questions. Below is an overview of what adoptive families can expect as they navigate the adoption process and find the perfect addition to their family. We are available at any time to answer your questions.

Contact Haven Adoptions

Speak with a staff member or fill out our information request form. The staff of Haven Adoptions understands the emotions involved in reaching out and taking that first step. We want to answer all of your adoption questions and provide the necessary information for you to feel comfortable in choosing the right agency for you and finding the right adoption path. Contact us to speak with someone today.

Start The Home Study Process

Every prospective adoptive family is required to complete a home study. Your adoption caseworker will guide you through this process. See our home study page for more details.

Join Haven Adoptions’ Active Waiting List

While our FITT program is currently full, we are accepting a certain amount of clients on our Active Waiting List Program. While on the waiting list, you will receive:

  • an experienced case manager to work with you throughout your adoption and provide
    support, guidance and adoption education.
  • birthparent opportunities if Haven is unable to match a birth mother with our current FITT families due to the specific preferences of the birth parents.
  • coordination support with our graphic designer to create your profile on Haven’s website.
  • an Individualized Marketing Plan to help find your own birth mother created by your case manager.
  • an Individualized Fundraising & Grant Plan to raise the money you need for your adoption.
  • Haven Happenings once a month with detailed updates on what is going on with Haven Adoptions.

Time on Waiting List – There are many factors that go into your wait time on the waiting list, including how many families are ahead of you, how quickly we match our FITT families, and families who move off the waiting list because they have found their own match, decided to pursue foster to adopt or another avenue, etc. We do our best to give you an estimated time on the waiting list but please understand it’s an estimate and there are no guarantees.

Join Haven Adoptions’ F.I.T.T. (Forever in This Together) Program

Haven Adoptions shares in your goal to match as quickly as possible with the right biological parent. In order to do this we provide you as many prospective birthparent situations as possible in a timely manner.

F.I.T.T. (Forever in This Together) Program will allow both birthparents as well as our prospective adoptive families the ability to share their preferences and make a connection with each other. Through this program, your official match will be made. The more open you are, the faster your match time will be.

Making A Match

When an official match is made between a birthparent and you, discussions will take place with your case manager about the kind of contact you will have moving forward throughout the birth mother’s pregnancy. There are various levels of contact, sometimes including meetings and visits. Your case manager will be there to guide you through the process and the specifics of your adoption.


After the baby is discharged from the hospital to your care, Haven Adoptions will complete the necessary post placement visits required. Once these post placement visits occur and the appropriate court documents are attained, paperwork can be filed with county courts and a finalization date will be granted.

Please Note

Please keep in mind that this is a very quick summary of a detailed and extensive process. But do not worry, your case manager and the Haven Adoptions team will be there to walk you through the process every step of the way. We are here and available to answer any questions may have.