Starting the Adoption Process

Placing a child for adoption is an overwhelming and complex process. Haven Adoptions is here to help you on your journey.

“We highly recommend Haven Adoptions to anyone considering adoption! Haven Adoptions cares deeply for and values birth mothers.”

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Step 1: Deciding If Adoption Is Right For You

The most important first step is to decide if adoption is right for you. Talk to friends, family and close ones about your decision and find support from those you love.

Haven Adoptions, Inc. was created by three women who believe in the wonderful things that adoption can bring. Haven Adoptions believes that the adoption process can be navigated by providing quality, personalized services to everyone we work with.

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Step 2: Make Your Adoption Plan

Making the initial call can sometimes be the hardest step. But please know that our staff is friendly and supportive and we will make this call as easy as possible for you. Haven Adoptions is here to provide you with support in what we know is a very difficult time. When you take the time to speak with an advocate who can educate you about the options that you have, many times just making that call will help ease your anxiety.

Your are in complete control of your plan. Your advocate is your personal caseworker to make sure that you receive the support you need during the entire adoption process. We will ask you a series of questions that will help us devise the right adoption plan for you. Your advocate will work with you on your ideal adoptive family, the type of contact you would like to have with the adoptive parents and what you would like to see your future and the future of your baby look like.

Step 3: Find an Adoptive Family

Haven Adoptions has many adoptive families we are working with and we are committed to helping find the right family for you.

All of the families who work with Haven Adoptions have been through a rigorous screening process in order to adopt, as well as training for parenting and adoption. Each family has their own personal caseworker who helps guide them through the process.

Once we figure out the adoptive parents who would be the best fit for you, we will present you with profiles of these families, so that you can pick the right family for you. Our families are happy to speak with you via phone or meet you in person.

Step 4: Your Adoptive Parent Relationship

There are several ways to get to know the adoptive parents you have chosen. Adoption has become much more open in recent years and Haven Adoptions supports you in whatever type of openness you decide. If you have chosen an open adoption, there are several different forms of communication we use to continue contact with the adoptive parents through the adoption process: conference calls, meet the family, exchange e-mails with the family and/or meet them during your stay at the hospital.

Just a few short weeks before your due date, you and your advocate will create the plan for your hospital experience. This is the time when your advocate will be able to help explain the hospital’s policies and procedures and a chance for you to be able to express your concerns and feelings about the remainder of the process. This is also the time to talk about how you would like to have your adoptive parents involved in the hospital process.

Step 5: Moving Forward

Some time after the hospital experience, depending on the state you live in, you will sign your parental consents. Haven Adoptions will make sure that you fully understand all of your rights and all of the paperwork that you will be filling out. Then, you will move forward with your post adoption plans of either receiving pictures and letters from the adoptive family or visits if that is what you have agreed upon. Your advocate will continue to check in and be a support for you, post adoption. Our hope is to help in whatever goals you have after adoption- education, career, etc. The option of counseling before, during or after the adoption process will always be available to you. We have a wonderful, experienced, kind counselor ready if you would ever choose to want to talk.

The Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

While you may already know if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, knowing everything about the adoption process can help with your decision and grant some peace of mind. Above is a broad overview of what birth mothers can expect from the adoption process.